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WebShare: Virtual meetings. Real convenience.

WebShare is your new online conference room. Our proprietary software automatically self-adjusts for optimum performance in any connectivity situation. It doesn't use any more bandwidth or computer resources than it needs to -- so you can count on smooth and uninterrupted meetings.

Read below for a general overview of WebShare features. Or learn how WebShare specifically benefits medical, legal, education, human resources, and civic professions. Then check out InfoCentral and contact us to discuss custom opportunities for you.

Desktop sharing.

Connect and communicate seamlessly with real-time screen sharing. Automatically timestamp meetings for review, invoicing, and auditing. There's even a session recording option available. Joining an in-progress session is as easy as clicking a link, opening an email, or typing in a quick access code. And you can chat with others using integrated instant messaging.

Instant file exchange.

Pass files back and forth in real time while viewing or hosting a meeting. Select and share files up to 1GB in size without risking file corruption or a security breach using third-party services like email clients or FTP servers.

Audio/video streaming.

Ditch the phone when hosting meetings. You can stream live voice and video through your computer's webcam and microphone. Have face-to-face meetings with clients or coworkers -- person to person, person to group, or group to group -- even if you're not in the same country.

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