Business process and database management software

Advantages for the medical profession.

Custom build your solution with time-saving features from our InfoCentral tool, our WebShare tool, or both. And make your practice more perfect.

Supervise and interpret remotely.

Receive and send video, audio, or data files in real time. Review in real time so you can quickly direct treatment and care.

Monitor live surgical procedures from afar.

Offer instruction to remote providers under direct visual and digital supervision - with desktop sharing and file exchange.

Care for patients wherever you are.

See a patient anywhere in the world - all each of you needs is a computer with a webcam and broadband internet access. Minimize the trouble and cost of on-site visits. Even provide access to care in rural, impoverished, and third-world regions or disaster relief situations.

Consult other physicians worldwide.

Collaborate with physicians around the world using real-time video, audio, or chat. Establish differential diagnosis and define treatment options. Improve patient care by using the collective knowledge and experience of colleagues.

Offer your expertise no matter where you are.

Don't waste your already limited time travelling. Use our videoconference feature to confer with colleagues from any location - person to person, person to group, or group to group.

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