Business process and database management software

Advantages for the education profession.

Choose features from our InfoCentral tool or our WebShare tool (or both) to customize your solution. And move to the head of the class.

Conference with parents and students from any location.

Meet with parents and students no matter where you are. Exchange data during meetings using our real-time file transfer feature. Videoconference ? either person to person, person to group, or group to group ? and archive your session for student records.

Connect with other instructors remotely.

Eliminate the time and money spent travelling to conferences. Confer with colleagues or attend conferences from anywhere. Exchange lesson plans, ideas, curricula, and strategies ? all you need is a webcam and internet access.

Observe classrooms and teaching methods in real time.

Broadcast live classroom sessions to viewers. Allow parents to see firsthand their students' education. Allow administrators to supervise teachers and students remotely. Record and archive sessions for reference or instructor portfolios.

Digitize lectures and lessons.

End worries about missed class sessions. Record and upload lectures ? students have the original content and instructors only have to give the lecture once.

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