Business process and database management software

Advantages for the civic profession.

Choose features from our InfoCentral tool or our WebShare tool (or both) to customize your solution. Make a motion to charter a platform that works for you.

Manage membership electronically.

Custom-build your database. Keep track of everything ? from member information, to dues, to referrals.

Orchestrate events and fundraisers quickly.

Easily tailor software to fit upcoming projects. Plan events. Coordinate schedules. Generate custom documents. Control your event from any location? all you need is internet access.

Smoothly connect with existing software.

Merge multiple databases or datasets between systems, with a multifunctional RESTful API. Keep in touch with donors. Record tax and financial information. Issue receipts instantly.

House your entire office on one cloud-based system.

Digitize and store records. Use multiple-calendar views to keep track of projects and events. Oversee financial transactions. Do it all - in one place.

Ready to make a motion for customized software? Contact us now and let us help you define your software solution.